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About Raj Golla | About | Bakul Catering

Founder & Sr Event Specialist.

Growing up in the event industry has blessed Raj Golla with a lifetime of experience managing events. Back in his teens, he was assisting his brother, Naresh Golla. A Fashion Show director for organising, managing, and administrating the show business, while shaping up his spiritual ascent in his early teens, he was also active in organising events in a spiritual community called Sahaja Yoga. This dual exposure to commercial and spiritual activities helped him gain tremendous experience at events.

For his inclination towards food, Raj Golla thought of perfecting the art of food preparation by pursuing a Course in hotel management and catering technology in 1998 in Pune, Maharashtra, India. His catering and event experience exceeds two decades, having led a team since his early twenties. From the beginning stages of event planning to event execution, his knowledge and experience are exceptional. Insights are only gained through thousands of successful events.

The Food journey started from a small Chinese snack eatery in 2003 to six restaurants, handling industrial and corporate canteens for twelve companies in Pune, restaurant consultation, institutional catering, Hospital catering, and event catering. While handling most aspects of the food industry, what attracted him the most was the event catering business, as event catering is the most challenging, riskiest, and versatile business in the entire hospitality domain.

All his business verticals were named after Bakul, As Bakul was the name of his Beloved mother.

Raj Golla loves to challenge his own work and capabilities. This attitude motivates him to do better in each and every event he executes. This approach towards his work benefits clients as they see a lot of innovation and creativity happening in their events, which is an added advantage that comes without a price tag.