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Best Catering Services in Pune | Wedding Catering Services

Bakul Catering offers the best catering services in Pune, Maharashtra. We offer everything from a house party catering to birthday catering in pune, housewarming catering, destination wedding catering in Goa. To cocktail service to full, plated meals. Whatever your event requires, we can do it. Ask about our fully-customized menus and how we can give you a unique, one-of-a-kind experience that will show guests and attendees your personal touch.


What can we bring to your table? Consider these delicious options:

World Cuisines


Bakul Catering is the only Catering Company Serving World Cuisine in Pune. World Cuisine is more about arranging and putting together an all-embracing mix of dishes inspired by both culture and people coming here from all across the world. We do not seek pleasure in being labeled as average or good, rather we love to be appreciated as Bakul Catering the best catering in Pune. We have not limited our assortment to only the Indian recipes or only local beverages available. In fact, our dishes match every event including birthday celebrations, cocktail get togethers, dinner parties, engagement festivities, marriage revelry, corporate events or simply for people who love to party. Huge variety of menu to offer, no matter what you need, we’ve got it in our recipe book.


Best Buffet Catering in Pune

Buffet style wedding receptions are growing in popularity and it is easy to see why.

Best Corporate Caterers in Pune

We have a professional catering environment and a team of professionals dedicated to help clients achieve success for every event.

Best Birthday Party Caterers in Pune

Birthdays of a loved one bring back affectionate memories of our years spent with them.

Best wedding Caterers in Pune

You’ve found your perfect partner, so why not hire a perfect caterer as well?

Beverage Catering Service in Pune

We pride ourselves to have the best bartenders in nation, gents n ladies who elevate your event to a different level all together.